RWM research activities feature in Nuclear Engineering International


Nuclear Engineering International magazine has featured Radioactive Waste Management’s research activities in a recent issue. 

The article highlights one of RWM’s most recent research projects where a cutting-edge engineering system to seal deep boreholes is being tested as part of preparations for a GDF. This research project provided RWM with its first opportunity to move research from the lab to the field and took place at Harwell in Oxfordshire. The project was designed to showcase RWM’s capabilities of sealing boreholes in three different rock types; higher-strength, lower-strength sedimentary and evaporite rocks. The first borehole was successfully sealed in March this year in lower-strength sedimentary rock – or Oxford Clay to be exact. Following on from this phase of the project, RWM will demonstrate its borehole sealing capability in the other two rock types, starting later in the year.

Head to the news story for more information on the background to this project.

The NEI article highlighted the pivotal role the Research Support Office will play in building a comprehensive body of fundamental research and solid evidence to underpin the safety case for a GDF , in addition to training and developing the next generation of scientists and engineers. you can read the article on page 30 of the digital issue of NEI magazine. 



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