We will hold events, such as our annual meeting and topic meetings, to showcase of our latest expertise and research to members of the research community involved in radioactive geological disposal. Our upcoming events are listed below.

Advancing the safety case for a GDF in Lower Strength Sedimentary Rocks

Workshop 8th November 2021, London

The Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) Research Support Office (RSO) is planning a new research programme associated with advancing the safety case for a radioactive waste geological disposal facility (GDF) hosted within Lower Strength Sedimentary Rocks (LSSR).

To support the development of the funding calls associated with this research programme the RSO are running a workshop on Monday 8th November at the Wellcome Trust, London from 10:30 am to 4 pm. The funding call(s) for this programme are planned to start in 2022, and we are now inviting applications to attend this exploratory workshop.

The RSO LSSR workshop will provide an opportunity to hear about the research programme development process through presentations from both the RSO team and subject matter experts from RWM. These presentations will outline the LSSR geodisposal concepts, and highlight the key areas of future research needs.

RWM, in conjunction with the RSO, are currently undertaking an in-depth review of the LSSR disposal concept that will aid the development and prioritisation of the research needs in the ongoing UK GDF Siting Process. This workshop will provide an opportunity to take an active part in the development of the UK LSSR research programme through participating in discussions and networking sessions. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for the research community to engage with this new research programme, and help to facilitate networking in advance of any funding calls.

Further background on the RWM LSSR research programme can be found here.

Who is this workshop intended for?

This event is intended to bring together the research community from academic research institutions with RWM and other stake holders (e.g. UKRI), focused on LSSR research, including geosciences (geophysicists, hydrogeologists, engineering geologists and geochemists), environmental science, radiochemistry, applied mathematics (e.g. modelling), (geo)microbiologists and engineers.

We would particularly encourage those who have not previously undertaken research into geodisposal of radioactive waste, but may have skills and interests in allied fields (e.g. oil and gas exploration, groundwater management or resource extraction), to apply to attend the workshop.

Further Information

If you would like to attend the event, please register your interest using this short survey before Friday 29th October. We will confirm attendance by close of play on Monday 1st November. The RSO is able to pay reasonable travel expenses for academic attendees. If you are unable to physically attend please do still complete the survey, noting that you are unable to be there in person.

The RSO is committed to ensuring representation from a diverse range of participants. The number of places available at the workshop will be limited and, depending on demand, we may need to prioritise attendees based on research area and technical expertise. Early career researchers and academics who have not engaged with geodisposal research previously are encouraged to attend.

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