ThermoChimie opens call to fund two PhD studentships


The ThermoChimie consortium warmly invites your institution to submit technical proposals for two fully-funded PhD studentships, scheduled to commence in early 2023.

These projects will be exploratory studies to derive fundamental thermodynamic data for the complexation of key radionuclides with (i) di/tributyl phosphate (DBP, TBP)  and (ii) phthalate (PHT). We recognise that these species are under-represented in the current database, and that experimental scoping studies are warranted.

There are two project briefs, linked below for your information:

1) Radionuclide Complexation with PHT: Thermodynamic Data Generation for the ThermoChimie Database

2) Radionuclide Complexation with TBP and DBP: Thermodynamic Data Generation for the ThermoChimie Database

No upper limit on project pricing has been given, we anticipate proposals to be appropriately costed according to the needs of the supervising institution, and will factor this into any assessment of the bids.

Costed technical proposals are due by September 20th, with the intention to discuss proposals with selected bidders shortly thereafter. In the meantime, the steering committee welcomes any questions via email.

Please note the contract payment method will be in Euro.

To submit a proposal or raise a query, please contact the following members of the steering committee (please copy in all SC members to ensure your response is acknowledged during the holiday period):

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